Thursday, March 26, 2009

A miss is as good –or bad -- as a mile!

A miss is as good –or bad -- as a mile!

In 2004, Smarty Jones was America ’s favorite racehorse. He nearly won horse racing’s Triple Crown, losing by only a length in the third race of the series, the Belmont Stakes.

Consider the facts:

  1. This horse went undefeated in 6 previous major competitions
  2. Combining all three legs of America’s premier horse racing title, he was leading all the way for over 514,800 inches of track
  3. He missed winning the Triple Crown by about 96 inches, or about 2/100ths of one percent of the total.

That tiny percentage of failing to lead, according to some sources, may cost the horse’s owners as much as $100 million in lifetime breeding fees!

It’s the same in business!

Studies show to beat your competition, you don’t have to be twice as good as they areyou just need to be 3% better!

Usually, the measure of whether we are that critical 3% better depends not on your product or service but on how your prospect views your team.

Business Excellence is a direct result of Leadership Excellence. Leadership Excellence is what gives you and your team the "3% edge" in business. The "3% edge" performer knows how to win by not letting the distractions and noise of daily life interfere with reaching their goal.

What’s the Magic 3% answer?

It’s simple -- combine LMI’s unique performance improvement process (implemented by 100,000’s of individuals across the world) with your business expertise. That will give you the magic "3% edge" formula for success.

You might even OVER-achieve! The performance gains of LMI clients are often far greater than that magic 3%, and grow consistently with continued over time. Most other businesses will NOT be gaining – and will lose the race.

As the cartoon to the far left makes clear: A little bit of difference can mean a lot of money, in horse racing or in the real world of your competitive business!

Discover your "Magic3% edge" with LMI!

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