Friday, March 27, 2009

The Best Investment During a Recession!

The Top Five Reasons NOT to let the “R” word stand in the way of investing in your organization's development in 2009...

· Reason #5: Since you don’t dare invest money anywhere else right now, you might as well invest it in yourself, your know-how, your self-improvement, and your business.

· Reason #4: You aren’t going to get a “bail-out” from anybody but yourself!

· Reason #3: “All weather is local.” What happens in YOUR business, YOUR finances, and YOUR life has much more to do with how YOU think, what information YOU acquire, who YOU connect with, and what YOU do, than with the goings on in Washington or on Wall St.

· Reason #2: You can’t just ‘wait this out’ and hope everything will soon return to ‘normal.’ An entire New Economy is developing, presenting new challenges and new opportunities, requiring new strategies, which is why we feel it is critical that you start now with a serious analysis and optimization of your ‘process’ so that you can create the future you dream of.

· Reason #1: Only the Best and the Brightest invest in their own development, it’s how they create that ‘slight edge’ difference between them and the next person which when compounded hour by hour and day by day and week by week allows the few to blow the doors off the many. Learn more about the slight edge at

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