Monday, January 26, 2009

Succeeding in a Changing World!

If you are finding the current times challenging and unnerving, this LMI Journal was written for you!

Seven Great Ideas that Will Change Your Life

Each of these articles has specific actionable information that you can use to gain better results in your business. Please take the time to read at least one – and consider reading more than that!

1. The ability to develop and sustain self-motivated people is a critical determining factor of your organization’s success or failure.

· Become Self-Motivated in a Changing World,by Paul J. Meyer, founder of LMI (Click to read)

2. Six “New Year” questions that should be answered by every effective leader at the beginning of each year.

· New Beginnings, by David Byrd, President of LMI (Click to read)

3. Increase your productivity by understanding your communication needs and leveraging equipment to meet those needs.

· Managing Communication in the Office (Click to read)

4. Steps to facilitate good communication and maximize your success as a team.

· Communicating for Results (Click to read)

5. Three key areas to increase team members’ productivity and use more of their potential

· Focusing on How to Grow and Develop (Click to read)

6. The Four P’s: The wants and needs of people can be classified into four types.

· Understanding Human Behavior (Click to read)

7. Unlocking Your Potential and Achieve Greater Results

· Discover the unique LMI process (Click to read)

Now is the time to act – don’t allow the forces of change to swallow you up – you have the ability to make change and lead from the “front.

The LMI process is truly a Catalyst of Change and Growth.

Discover how!

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