Monday, November 3, 2008

It's an Ideal Market!
Everyone is talking about the downturn in the economy, the impact of the new president, various bailout programs, the loss of jobs, etc.

I would ask that you just simply reconsider the times we live in. This is a great time to step up and move forward in the market place. If we take a moment to learn from our history, we can quickly learn that the US market is very resilient and robust.

During downturns, many businesses not only survived but thrived.They capitalized on the situation rather than ran from it. They looked forward instead of putting their head in the sand and said "I wish, I wish, I wish this would all go away".

How did they do it? There were common traits they all displayed:
  1. They acted out of courage instead of fear. They took positive steps instead of waiting to see.
  2. They had vision. They saw beyond the crevice and up the rising mountain. They didn't allow their judgment to be clouded with all the naysayers and doomsayers.
  3. They had focus. Their mission was clear and they didn't deviate from the mission. Their actions were laser focused. Instead of getting pulled off course, they reaffirmed their path and leaned into it with more determination.
  4. They had a plan and stuck to it. Instead of getting pulled off course, they doubled their efforts and stayed the course.
So now we must answer these questions.
  • Do others see me acting out of fear or courage?
  • Have I embraced a crystal clear vision of the future and is my team rallying around it?
  • What is the focus of my organization and have we reaffirmed it today?
  • Do we have a plan and have we doubled our efforts?
The choice is ours - grow or decline! If we refuse to choose, the market will! It's up to you.

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