Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The "Four Great Fears" of Leadership

The "Four Great Fears" of Leadership

How am I doing with the "Four Fears"? 
1 - Not at all like me                  2 - Somewhat like me                        3 - Exactly like me

Great Fear #1 – I’m Not a “Natural Leader”
 1. Just like any other skill, I invest time, money and energy in improving my leadership.
              1              2             3
 2. I evaluate, through feedback and self-evaluation, my strengths and weaknesses as a leader on a regular basis.
              1              2             3

Great Fear # 2   Fear of Failure
3.  I celebrate risks, mistakes and errors.
              1              2             3
4. My team is energized by trying new ways and being challenged to "fail".
              1              2             3
Great Fear # 3   I Don’t Know How to Motivate My Employees
5. I am excited and passionate about our business and the daily work I do.
              1              2             3
6. I understand every team members personal passion and have connected it to the mission of the business.
              1              2             3

Great Fear #4   I Don’t Know What to Do Next
7. I evaluate everything in my business that helped us achieve success and am willing to change it.
              1              2             3
8. We do not rely on "the way we have always done it" to grow the business.                            1              2             3

1 - 10 - You have are a consumed by the "Four Fears".
11-20 - You are managing the "Four Fears".
21-24 - You have master the "Four Fears".

What are 3 things that need to change in order for your score to improve? 

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