Friday, July 17, 2009

5 Pillars of High Performance

1) Crystallized thinking - You must have clarity of direction and goals in business and life to perform at your peak.
2) A dynamic plan of action - getting to your desired future faster requires focused action around defined plans and an accountability system to support it.
3) Possibility attitude - You must always find ways to make it work. Everything is good that happens.
4) Personal, internal motivation - You must become self-driven not reward driven or externally motivated.
5) Dogged determination - Passion and power to overcome any obstacle, barrier or road block, even yourself.
Less than 3% of the population really have built these pillars. They don't happen overnight. You must develop them and constantly improving them or they crumble and fall.
Give me a call and we can discuss how these can become part of your personal leadership fabric.