Friday, September 5, 2008

"Building Leaders for the 21st Century!"
Have you ever tried to play golf with a putter, badminton racquet and a basketball? Or maybe tried to build something with just a hammer, wheel and string? You might have fun and even create something unique, yet the probability of winning the game or building something that will last is slim to none.

Yet today too many leaders attempt to develop themselves and their team with a fragmented, piecemeal, hit and miss approach to development.

They attend a leadership conference, a workshop and maybe read the latest business leadership book. Maybe they send their team to hear a motivational speaker or take an online class on delegation. They focus on one area, or one attribute, or one facet of leadership believing that is all they need. Leadership is much more complex than that.

The Total Leader™ Concept is based on two vital principles:

  • The first principle is that for organizations to succeed in the 21st century, they must develop leaders throughout the total organization
  • The second principle is that for leadership development to be effective, it must utilize a complete, integrated, total leadership development process
The Total Leader™ Concept creates a framework for someone to develop into a total leader in their business and life.
There are four pieces to the puzzle of the Total Leader™. Half the pieces develops the organizational leader and the other half develops the personal leader. Each half develops both the head and heart.

The head of leadership requires the continual development of Performance, Productivity and Priorities of the individual and the organization.

The heart of leadership focuses on the development of Purpose, Passion and Power.

When combined together, this puzzle of the Total Leader™ becomes a powerful, thorough, comprehensive leadership development model. It literally transforms you into Total Leader!

It is time to stop stepping up to the first tee of an important golf tournament and trying to win with a putter, badminton racquet and basketball. The time has come for a new paradigm. A new process for developing the Total Leader.

The upcoming LMI Catalyst Club (September 24) begins your journey to developing into the Total Leader™. Contact us today to start your journey!

To learn more about the Total Leader™ Concept, visit our website – Total Leader.
Michael D. Diercks
Regional President, Leadership Management Institute

Building Total Leaders for the 21st
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