Wednesday, December 3, 2008

As a business leader you have probably responded to the current economic climate by making serious "cuts" within your organization. Maybe you have...
  • Cut back on the year end party
  • Trimmed the budget
  • Tightened controls on spending
  • Negotiated new terms with vendors
  • Redoubled your efforts in sales
  • Shored up client relationships
  • Reduced staff
Is it enough? Are you running at optimal effectiveness? Is there any more "juice" that can be squeezed?

Even in the trying economic times, most businesses only make superficial changes. What are superficial changes? See the list above. Though these need to be done, all they do is reduce the way we do things, they don’t really change the way we do things!

Every organization and individual is perfectly designed to get the results they are getting. The results you are getting are exactly what you are designed to get. This makes sense if we apply it to equipment. A copy machine will only make copies. You don’t expect it to make bread - it isn’t designed for that. A computer isn’t expected to make coffee. You get the picture.

The good news is we are not machines!! Both business and people are very adaptable and changeable. People can learn new skills and change their behavior, attitude and results! A business can do the same - moving from one business model to the next.

Yet, as capable of change as we are, the axiom – “Every organization and individual is perfectly designed to get the results they are getting” - still rings true. Why? Why do we resist change? Simple put - we are creatures of habit. Or, as David Byrd would say, we get stuck in our comfort zone where nothing ever changes.

How do we drive new results? How do we change our design? How can we break out of our comfort zone? Let me suggest a few of questions that may help you.
  1. Why are you in business? Fundamentally, why does your business exist? This question will help you identify your true meaning for being in business. From this answer you can create vision and focus.
  2. Are the daily activities of your business in line with why you are in business? Your answer will help you become more effective in your work.
  3. Do you have a process to tap into your team’s true potential? Most companies are underutilizing (not necessarily under working) their existing team. Your team has the answers needed to change your design. Do you have a process to draw it out of them?
These answers will lay the foundation for creating the change needed to give you new results, especially in today’s economic climate.

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Michael D. Diercks, Regional President, Leadership Management Institute
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